Monthly Archives: August 2017

Cover Design

I’ve been working to gather together some interesting pictures and start creating some pre-made cover designs. I’m really excited for this new venture!

I’m also designing the covers for my current series in progress, a set of 5 paranormal romances. Paranormal stories are so interesting to design covers for. Because the worlds the authors build are free from our earthly boundaries, anything can show up in a story. Mythical people and creatures. Fantastical castles. And in the science fiction romance realms, aliens, far off worlds, and space ships!

I’m really enjoying looking for lush grasslands, castles, dragons, city scapes, hot, hot men, and breathtakingly beautiful women.  I think that’s one of the things I love best about cover design – bringing the story to life. Fulfilling that promise to the reader that this – what you see on the cover – is what you’re going to experience and enjoy reading this story.

I’m off to hunt pictures and start putting them together. Be looking for my new pre-made cover designs starting in September!