As a technical writer working in corporate America, I’ve been capturing and manipulating images for online help systems, user manuals, installation guides, and all sorts of other printed matter. Working with images has always been a task I really enjoyed.

My graphic design journey started In 2012 when a friend asked me if I could make her some business cards. I said yes and tada – I was off, finding images, and playing with a template I’d found. I stayed up extra late, and by the time I finally called it a night, I’d created the artwork for the business card.

And had a great time!

During that business card project, my perception of presenting images shifted. Instead of selecting and presenting pictures with a mind to inform the reader, I was now selecting many different pictures to put together in a collage of sorts, with the aim to present to the reader a hero, a heroine, and their exciting, extraordinary world.

I was creating art.

Harmony Creative Design

Harmony Creative Design was born that night. I made up some business cards of my own, and started talking to authors that needed help creating promotional swag. My next order was for romance trading cards. I can’t tell you how much fun I had working on that project. I still love making up those cards.

I expanded my offerings to include book covers, postcards, bookmarks, banners, and ads. In 2016, I added helping authors and other small businesses with their websites and social media. I love setting up a high-end, low-cost website that, along with social media, allows an author to firmly establish their online presence.

Why Hire Me?

So, why hire a technical writer to help you with editing, or artwork, or your website?

First, during my time in the writing trenches (both technical and creative), I’ve edited a lot of words, manipulated a lot of graphics, and picked up a trick or two for how best to present the written word.

Second, I’m also an author of romantic novels, so I get what you need. In the creative world every author has to stand out in their own unique way, and do so without spending a lot of money.

With my creative side and logical side, I can help you affordably become a visible, social media savvy, successful published author. Let me help you realize your dream.


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